Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?"

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Michael said, "I am afraid for my life and my children. I am so very concerned about my life and I'm afraid for us, we're being stalked. I wanna be in a different environment. I found a place that I like. I wanna be away for a while... We're brothers, Dieter, we have to stay close, don't let the SYSTEM come between us". Check out the link below to see a video news story regarding telephone messages Michael left for former advisor, Dieter Wiesner: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LeSt10EhtE&feature=player_embedded

“Pseudocide Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?” blends two beliefs about Michael Jackson. Half of Michael’s fan base is convinced that Michael was murdered just as many Jackson family members do, and the other growing half swears that Michael Jackson (MJ) faked his death and have discovered many clues to prove their theory.

Well, this 
EmovieBook takes both schools of thinking into consideration.

A faked death, sometimes called "pseudocide", occurs when an individual leaves evidence to suggest that he or she is dead in order to mislead others*. This is
exactly what I beLIEve Michael has done, and by the end of your reading, I bet you’ll agree.

Michael Jackson loved to be the first to revolutionize the way something is done and this EmovieBook is written with that pursuit in mind. This publication will be the first of its kind, therefore, there is a patent pending registration on this NEW method of book writing. All that is needed for full integration capabilities is internet access.

We, at Elbow Grease Productions, have decided to call this type of book reading an EmovieBook.  It‘s a book and a movie that matches the natural trajectory of computer technology. You can visit our website www.EmovieBook.com to learn more about this process that will surely revolutionize the way books are written, read and watched.

Throughout this EmovieBook are links to videos, articles, or anything of relevance that adds what words cannot--motion pictures and sound. Inside you will find interviews from people that confirm or verify a mishap, slip-up, comment, or controversy. As an extra bonus, some of the linked videos contain many of Michael’s songs; some popular and others rarely heard.

This EmovieBook will dive into the possibility that law enforcement is involved and will name the names of those thought to be against Michael Jackson. Could Michael’s death be a part of a sting operation or an elaborate conspiracy? This and other theories will thrill you to levels of enticement rarely experienced while reading.

As we dive into what went wrong with the death hoax, the clues and slip-ups become more and more prevalent as you continue reading. By the end, you will be exposed to the clue of all clues as to when a Michael Jackson Come Back is predicted. (Don’t cheat yourself by reading to the end first!)

Michael Jackson has always had an air of mystery about him that eventually turned into controversy. In this EmovieBook, you will learn that Michael died just as he lived--a mystery.

“Pseudocide  Did Michael Jackson Fake His Death To Save His Life?” usually garners the response, “Oh, just like Elvis”. The correct retort is “Yea, just like Elvis”, so much so there is an entire chapter dedicated to the similarities of the deaths, or shall I say more accurately, the passing of the world’s two biggest superstars.

As the producer of several documentaries and an in-courtroom reporter at the 2005 child molestation trial, I’ve gotten to learn about the person, Michael JOE Jackson, better than I could have ever imagined. It’s been a wild rollercoaster ride of awareness and intrigue that I‘ll be sharing throughout this EmovieBook. During the trial in 2005, when most of the world had been manipulated to beLIEve Michael Joe Jackson was guilty of child molestation, I stood firm about his innocence, despite being thought of as delusional. In the end, I was correct and Michael was found not guilty on all 14 counts.

Also many people thought I was fantasizing to conceive that Barack Obama would be the first African-American President. I was also right. With that said, I’m prepared for the onslaught of quick dismissal that Michael JOE Jackson is alive and have prepared to prove otherwise--logically and concisely.

There are elements of my research that have undoubtedly proven to me that MJ is NOT dead. The evidence leading to my final analysis is overwhelming, plentiful and sometimes, even comical. With that said, it is up to you, the reader, to determine for yourself whether you beLIEve that Michael Jackson could or would fake his own death.

For instance, why is there only one picture of Michael in the ambulance when today’s cameras have the capability of taking dozens of shots per second? Furthermore, the so-called Last Photo of Michael Jackson will be proven to be a fake. Continuing, why is Michael’s name wrong on important documents such as his death certificate(s), will, autopsy, EMT report and several other important papers? Why is his name still not on his gravesite? Why were no Forest Lawn personnel present at his funeral? Why does his
autopsy make little mention of the plastic surgeries on his nose, and no mention of the burn on his scalp. I’ll also explain how a singing dodo bird is indicative to exposing Dr. Conrad Murray‘s purpose? There are a myriad of other questions that will be asked and answered throughout this publication.

This information is not just for Michael Jackson fans. It’s an EmovieBook for those who love mystery and solving puzzles as well. By divulging many different aspects of MJ’s life, the reader will be confronted with issues of race, MJ’s sexuality, the media, alleged criminal activity, and extortionists, in order to prove a conspiracy has gone down in the life and death of Michael Jackson.

It’s quite reasonable to think of a Michael Jackson fan as someone who buys his music, listens to it often and attends his concerts, but I’ve discovered, a dedicated Michael Jackson fan is much more than that. The changing definition of a Michael Jackson fan is something that took me by surprise while I was covering the 2005 trial and found out Michael’s fans knew everything about the case. They put the professional journalists to shame when analyzing information pertaining to the evidence presented. I quickly learned Michael Jackson fans investigate everything Michael. He is a prized hobby that they utilize with care, love, and compassion.

Their research and intellectual curiosity has led to hundreds of self-produced videos on youtube.com and other video streaming sites. As of late, most of them are about the oddities surrounding his sudden and shocking passing. Michael Jackson fans are so thorough, they could teach the FBI and CIA how to be better investigators. This is why you will find nearly 250 links to videos/articles, over 140 illustrations, and more than 250 references that have participated in gathering and distributing Michael Jackson information.

Suffice to say, I’m not bad at researching either. I’m going to add to their diligence by disclosing information that has never been released to the public as a way to free Michael Jackson from those who, possibly, have blackmailed and/or slandered him.

Comparing, dissecting, and analyzing events and situations is the meat of this revolutionary EmovieBook. Therefore, even the most learned Michael Jackson fan will be shocked at some of the revelations revealed inside. Yet and still, I tip my hat off to the brilliance and insight of thousands of fans who have taken a personal stake in proving that Michael is still ALIVE!

No matter what happens in the criminal case against Dr. Murray, all these revelations will continue to exist unless proven otherwise. A guilty verdict in the involuntary manslaughter case, will in no way, erase the FACTS provided in this EmovieBook.

Just because there has been speculation about the mysterious deaths of other superstars, doesn’t mean that this death is, too, real--as a matter of fact, that would make this death hoax like none other because most people are too quick to dismiss this as a viable reality--making this death hoax more unbeLIEvable due to the average person’s animosity to said theory.

Michael Jackson playing dead is pure genius!

I, too, was in denial of the possibility that Michael Jackson could still be alive. But after months of confusion about several things surrounding his passing, I decided to seek out information pertaining to the death hoax and discovered a seemingly endless trail of clues that are just too numerous to be coincidental and too profound to be ignored. Therefore, I’m here to prove there is REAL solid evidence that Michael Jackson has not yet died.

Since the announcement that the world’s biggest superstar has died, a whole new generation of people are looking at Michael Jackson, not as some Wacko Jacko or a child molester, but as a human being who has had to deal with rumors, lies, allegations, distortions, pressures and assumptions that most people, of lesser character, would have driven into mass insanity.

By Michael Joe Jackson dying, he is more alive in the public eye. People of today are proudly wearing Michael Jackson t-shirts, dancing and singing to his music and the, once thought to be funny, insults about Michael have become taboo.

It‘s now cool, again, to be a Michael Jackson fan!

Many beLIEve Michael is spiritually ALIVE and his music and legacy will LIVE forever, but I’m here to prove that Michael is also ALIVE in the flesh.  In the concert movie, “This Is It”, MJ said it’s all for “L.O.V.E.”, well, that is certainly what he meant.

Let’s start by traveling back to the news on that tragic day, June 25th 2009.

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“The reports of my death
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